SpotOn / Connect

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Developer: SpotOn Surgical

SpotOn Connect™ will empower and extend the reach of the field representative, support desk and clinical specialist that supports the operating room nurse and physician. You need to be HIPAA certified and own an iOS device to subscribe.

How does it work? A surgical supplier that you represent must first sign up to be a SpotOn supplier. Once they have signed up, you will be provided with a supplier code that enables you to sign up for SpotOn Connect™, as well as SpotOn Mobile™ (Direct or Distributor). Download the SpotOn Connect™ and SpotOn Mobile™ applications on your iPhone or iPad and you can now be reached by any hospital in your territory that subscribes to SpotOn Surgical. As new hospitals sign up, your connection will be enabled on their device. In addition, SpotOn Mobile™ contains all product information and sales tools that your company chooses to distribute to the field. Download both apps to take advantage of the complete capabilities of SpotOn!

Extend your reach. For the rep needing to be in two places at once, SpotOn is a solution that will enable your prompt response, with the added benefit of virtual presence, photo sharing and security.

Prove your value to customers that are remote or do not allow routine access to their operating rooms. With more and more hospitals seeking to reduce traffic in the surgical environment, you may find it difficult to be on the spot when questions or technical issues arise. With SpotOn, your customers can call you with the press of a button and you can achieve the kind of reputation you deserve for support and service. For geographically difficult locations, they can now see your face and benefit from your product expertise on a regular basis.

Always current and digitally distributed product collateral. With SpotOn Mobile™, your company may choose to use the SpotOn portal as a distribution hub for sales documents and other collateral as well. Now you can view documents with your physicians and nurses on your mobile device and quickly email or print them with the comfort of knowing they are current and accurate at all times.